Environmental Impact

Starmind is strongly committed to the environment, and it's important to us that our activities impact the environment as little as possible.

That's why we've worked for years on identifying measures to limit it. Our overarching environmental goals for Starmind are to contribute to improving the environment, and to prove that a sustainable society is a real possibility by our own example.

Here are some of the changes we've made over the last few years in line with these goals: 

  • Using wind power generated electricity
  • Using virtualized servers to the greatest degree possible
  • Energy saving schedules on computers
  • Automated shutdowns of the office's peripheral electronics and lighting after working hours
  • Recycling paper
  • Recycling toner cartridges
  • Waste sorting
  • Making our own carbonated water


Our goals for this year are: 

  • Measuring the environmental impact of employees traveling to and from the office
  • Further reducing the number of pages printed
  • Developing environmental guidelines for purchases and travel
  • Reducing our total environmental impact by 10 %
  • Finding a suitable partner to collaborate with on climate compensation.


When you buy Starmind's services, you're making an environmentally sound choice, that constitutes an active contribution to long-term sustainability.

My vision is for Starmind to play a role in improving the environment by designing smart and efficient web solutions. Using less paper and more electronic documents is one way to do that. 

Fredrik Jonsson, founder of Starmind and electric car enthusiast