Working for Starmind

Growing from challenges

We are in a phase of expansion, which offers lots of excitement in various areas. At the same time, it's important for us to look to our employees' long term satisfaction, and that's why we offer many opportunities for growth and benefits.

We believe in the talents of each individual, and want to provide opportunities for everybody to grow in their own chosen directions. We invest heavily in growth, both in terms of professional competence and personal development. When a person feels good, and experiences her own growth as she encounters various challenges, her contribution to the innovation and technological creativity that is so important to us and our clients will increase accordingly.

Skills transfer, teamwork, a creative environment, and access to new technology are all natural aspects of our business. But we also take many other exciting paths to growth. We like to challenge ourselves in what we like to call "Starmind Fun Labs": developer lunch sessions featuring video lectures, followed by afternoon laboratory sessions.

The important thing is to care for the needs of each individual, as well as nurturing his or her desire to learn. Everybody is different, even in our office.

It's more fun to enjoy yourself

A lot of different factors contribute to people's happiness in a workplace. One of these factors, that we believe to be essential to our success, is a strong sense of community and camaraderie. While we all get along really well with each other, and enjoy working as a team on our projects, we also spend plenty of time together in other ways, both during and outside of working hours. We go out for after work drinks once a month, of course, and usually combine that with some fun activity or other, and naturally, our projects begin with exciting kickoff meetings! Our other planned events include a family Christmas gathering and a Christmas dinner.

We also organize ad hoc gaming nights in our game room, where we have both a PS3 and an Xbox with a Kinect sensor. Rockband is a perennial favorite, especially on Friday nights...

Feeling Good

Starmind is a fairly young company, with an average age of just over 30. We realize the importance of staying in shape, but we also put value in job security and good benefits. Among other things, we offer very favorable insurance policies, a good pension plan, and generous reimbursements toward fitness center membership, and right now we're even offering in-office massages! We also have a free gym in our building, where several members of the team often take a lunch-hour workout.

Our Offices

At present, we work out of bright and pleasant premises at Sveaplan in Stockholm. However, the growth we're experiencing has made it clear to us that we'll soon have outgrown our premises, and we're about to begin our search for a new home. Of course, we're going to make this a creative and inspiring process, in which everybody gets to contribute to the choice of both the new premises and its furnishings. All we know for certain is that we'll like it there as well!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.